When all the cards in the closed deck are used up then the cards in open deck are re-shuffled and kept in closed deck automatically. Please note that cards of players who dropped are not reshuffled.

Open Deck or Discard Pile: A discard pile or Open deck is formed by the cards discarded by players in a table. A player on his/her turn can pick the top card from the open deck (the card that is last discarded by the opponent).

Closed Deck or stock pile: After the cards are dealt with players, the remaining cards are placed with their face down to form what is known as the closed deck. If the closed deck is run out of cards &  the player does not opt to take any card from the discard pile then the discard pile is reshuffled & it forms the stock pile.

In a 13 card rummy game, a player on his/her turn should pick a 14th card (either from the open deck or closed deck); use that card if required and then discard an another one. The card he discards could be the card he just picked or any card from his existing 13 cards. The objective in Rummy Online is to arrange all the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences with a minimum of two sequences at-least.