Yes, you are provided with the chat option at the bottom left of the play table. You can use it to interact with other rummy players. 

Be it anytime, you can play 24x7 rummy games at Deccan Rummy and you will have some company. We have thousands of users logged in from different locations to play with you. You can chat with your fellow players while playing. Many players have immensely benefited through our interactive chat feature. We at Deccan Rummy are very particular about chat etiquette used at our tables and see to it that our players follow some chat etiquette. For the comfort of players, we here by lay a few chat etiquettes that we want our users to follow;

1. Never Intrude in the privacy of others

2. Avoid Foul language and other forms of trash talk. Pott- mouth stuff is a big NO-NO at Deccan Rummy.

3. Avoid talks bordering on religion, politics, race and other sensitive issues that player might take offense to

4. Do not pester non-responsive players

5. Do not throw tantrums for your losses. Be respectful to the winners. Our site is neutral when it comes to win/losses. You will get your chance to win anytime.