You need to wait till the next game starts. Otherwise, you can join another table. At Deccan Rummy we have a multitude of classic rummy games across different rummy variants. Also, there are many rummy tables running 24*7 at Deccan Rummy with live players across all our rummy variants. There is always someone playing on our website anytime. Now with the addition of Mobile APP, there is a fair chance that you might find a match. Who knows you might even win it comfortably.
Deccan Rummy is accessible 24/7 and our games can be played through a PC, Desktop software or mobile anytime. Players can simply register and join the table that suits him. The biggest advantage in Deccan Rummy is you can switch to any table anytime with very limited waiting time. Of all the rummy sites, Deccan Rummy is where the waiting time is very limited. If the game. For example, if you wish to play a points rummy game in Rs. 2000 rummy table and you find the room is full - forget your worries! We have Rs. 2000 riding on both 6-player table and 2-player tables. If one among them is full, you can always sit in the other. You can even try to play deals rummy for a similar price. Rummy Rules are the same irrespective of the variations. Happy Playing!