If you get disconnected from the game you can resume the game once the connectivity is restored. It is recommended that you ensure hassle-free connectivity at your end before starting a game. Sometimes, the game might be over, in these circumstances, you need to find a new table to play. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to check the status of your Internet connection:

  1. Go to 'Start' and click 'Run'
  2. Type 'cmd' in the Run Window
  3. In the cmd black window, type 'ping www.deccanrummy.com'
Check the status and see out whether the loss percentage is below 2% and the latency is below 500ms on the average. If the results fall within the parameters mentioned, it is ideal to play rummy online at Deccan Rummy

It is possible that you may face disruptions, including, but not limited to errors, disconnection or inferences in communication in the Internet services, software or hardware that you have used to avail our services. The player might face Service disruptions because of the internet breakdown (an issue with your ISP) or hardware/software failure, malfunctions and any other issues not limited to disconnection or communication interferences. Our company has no control such factors. We shall not be held account accountable for any interruption in Services and players must hold themselves accountable for any risk of loss due to Service interruptions at their ends.