It’s simple! Just log in to your DeccanRummy account, click on “ My Account” under that select "Profile" option. You will find "Edit" option on the right side to update your Personal Information and Address Information. If you wish to change your personal information, Enter your information and click on "Update" so that all your changes are saved. Similarly, if you wish to change your Address information. Click on edit at the right side. Change the address details and click on update. 

You can also edit your banking details anytime. Click on Banking Details tab next to personal details

1. Enter Your Deccan Rummy Password

2. Enter your First Name and Last Name

3. Enter Your PAN number

4. Enter Your Bank Account Number and IFSC Number 

5. You can upload any scanned copies of your ID proof

6. Once you complete entering all the details, click on Update.

You can modify your personal details anytime by following the above procedure. However, Deccan Rummy advises you to finalize your profile information once and not modify it frequently., an authentic provider of 13 card classic rummy is one of the best sites offering free rummy games. A wide range of rummy variants in our seamless gaming environment will keep you occupied.